Professor Daniel Lieberman: How and why exercise is weird, but can help keep us young and healthy

Tuesday, November 30, 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Daniel Lieberman is Professor and Chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, and the Edwin M. Lerner II Professor of Biological Sciences at Harvard University.

Professor Lieberman's research is on how and why the human body is the way it is, and the relevance of human evolution to contemporary health. Major research foci include the evolution of long distance walking and running abilities, the effects of shoes on locomotor biomechanics and injury, and the evolution of the highly unusual human head. To address these questions, he combines experimental biomechanics and physiology, paleontology, and comparative anatomy. He has ongoing fieldwork projects in Kenya and Mexico.

At Harvard, he teaches a variety of courses on human evolution, anatomy, and physiology. In addition to many articles, he has published several books including Exercised:Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy andRewarding (Random House, 2021), The Evolution of theHuman Head (Harvard University Press, 2011), and TheStory of the Human Body (Pantheon, 2013). 

Professor Leiberman is a member of the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. He was educated at Harvard (AB 86 Summa cum Laude, PhD ’93) and Cambridge (M.Phil. ’97). 
He is an avid runner!

This event is sponsored by all of the Harvard Clubs of Northern New England: The Harvard Club in Maine, The Harvard Club of New Hampshire, The Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Vermont, The Harvard Club of the North Shore, the Harvard Club of the Merrimack Valley, and the Harvard Club in Concord.